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Healthy festive season recipes for the whole family

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Sugary, comforting, and extra flavourful food is on all of our radars this time of year.

Often, when being treated with decadent desserts, it could appear in bad taste to decline what a host is serving. This is why we recommend preparing your own dishes for get-togethers, to ensure that you’re sharing a healthy, equally delicious alternative and that you have an option to choose from when what’s on offer a little too heavy on the refined carbs.

Here are some of our favourite recipes from around the world, to enjoy this festive season:

Shakshuka - Breakfast in Israel

Originally a North African dish, this hearty breakfast of eggs, tomato, peppers and herbs served in a skillet, found its way to Israel and has become a staple.

Beef Kofta – Dinner in Turkey

Packed with protein from beef, lentils and peas, this version of Kofta will whisk you away on a Turkish experience.

Beetroot, lime and quinoa salad – Lunch in the Cape Winelands

Sweet, sour, and deliciously savoury, this homegrown toss also includes red wine vinegar, less than 1 tablespoon of sugar, and Dijon mustard for tang.

Paella – Dinner in Spain

Pronounced pa-ay-a, this traditional seafood dish of risotto rice, fish and spices, has a cooking time of 30-minutes and is perfect for serving large families.

Bacon-wrapped dates – Appetizers in London

Create a grilled version on the Duck & Waffle’s bacon-wrapped dates, blending savoury and sweetness in one bite.

Mezze platter – Poolside snacks in Greece

One can’t go wrong on flavour and presentation with a Mezze Platter. Grab some spreads, nuts, crackers, fruit, cheeses and bread to create your own healthy mezze platter.


Want to see more recipes like this? Check out our list of 20-minute meal suggestions with links to full recipes.

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