3 Easy prepped meals you’ll love

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Do you find sticking to your exercise plan easy, but when it comes to prepping your meals things fall apart? Part of the reason people fail in this department is that there is a perception that it takes so much time to prep meals. But think about it. Whether you are prepping meals to lose weight or build muscle, there are many benefits. Meal prepping will save you money because you can buy items in bulk and take advantage of your freezer. Convinced?

Here are three prepped meals that are super quick:

For breakfast: Instant oatmeal

Mornings too busy to think about food? Try these instant oatmeal mason jars with freeze-dried fruit. Just fill with hot water or milk in the morning, and you can eat on the run.

Mason jars, oatmeal

For lunch: Taco salad

Prep and pre-portion some spiced mince, lettuce, and cute condiment cups for a week’s worth of Mexican deliciousness.

taco salad

For dinner: Chicken, asparagus and wild rice

You’ve stuck to your guns all day; don’t let things fall apart just because you got home ravenous! The wild rice and chicken is easy to prep ahead. For the asparagus, when you prep it pop it in boiling water for 30 seconds so it is only par-cooked. It will retain its crunch when you defrost the meal this way. 

Wild Rice Chicken

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