10 Things Exquisitely Groomed Men Do + WIN with Sorbet MAN

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Gone are the days when a little soap and water completed a man’s daily routine.

So much more goes into being an exquisitely groomed man, and as times have changed, men are encouraged to prioritise self-care since it builds confidence and contributes to their success.

Here are 10 things well-groomed men do:

1. Control body hair

This includes shaving or trimming facial hair such as your beard, nose and ear hair regularly, as well as removing back and neck hair if necessary.

2. Trim nails

Trimming your nails is a pretty standard hygiene measure as longer nails have the potential to harbour dirt so it’s important to keep them short and clean.

3. Find a signature fragrance

Every well-groomed man leaves a lasting impression with a signature scent to remember him by.

4. Get regular haircuts

Clean and well-styled hair is probably the most significant grooming tip since this is what frames your face and can change your appearance completely.

5. Shape eyebrows

Men with thick, undefined eyebrows may opt to tidy the outline of their brows to avoid looking unkempt.

6. Moisturise

Well-groomed men moisturise daily. Hydrating your skin and body religiously not only prevents you from looking ashy but helps to maintain the elasticity of your skin, and keeps you looking younger for longer.

7. Exfoliate

Using a face scrub weekly will remove dead skin cells and allow your moisturiser to seep into your pores effectively.

8. Wear sunscreen

Sun protection is an essential part of skincare and will benefit you in the long run. Opt for a moisturiser with added SPF, if applying an additional product to your face every day feels like a mission.

9. Prioritise dental hygiene

The health of your mouth relies on thorough gum, teeth, and tongue cleaning, which includes flossing to help you get to all those hard-to-reach places.

10. Keep lips hydrated

Make sure that the focus is on you for the right reasons and keeping a lip balm in your pocket or car for when you need it.

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