What Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Knew

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Personal trainers are often people with a certain enigma. Most people tend to have a love/hate relationship with them and they tend to be intimidated by personal trainers. Although they make you work more than they allow you to enjoy your workout, they’re there to push you and get you to your healthiest version.

We’ve listed a few things that your personal trainer wishes you knew – from food to your relationship with them and your actual workouts.

1)      We’re really not that scary

PTs acknowledge that both they and the gym tend to make people nervous, but they also want you to know that it’s perfectly understandable.  “Just because you haven’t worked out in a while or are self-conscious, doesn’t mean we don’t understand,” says Pat Divilly, who has previously set up his own gym and now runs online classes. PTs have been there. They’ve also had days where they haven’t felt like gym or haven’t worked out in a while. They’re also human.

2)      Muscles come in pairs

It’s important to remember that you have muscles on both sides of your body and every muscle has a mate that works in the opposite way. To avoid imbalances and injuries, you need to remember to give equal attention to all muscles on both sides of your body.

3)      Eating right has to be a lifestyle change

PTs often see people coming to them for a training program and an eating plan but then slack off in the eating department after a month or so. Eating is something you do on a daily basis for your entire life so you can’t make a change for a short period of time and expect the change to last longer. Eating right is a lifestyle change and a long term commitment.

4)      It’s all up to you

PTs are there to motivate and guide you, and to hold you accountable, but at the end of the day, it’s still up to you. “We can’t hold a gun to your head and force you to show up, or do 5 more reps. You still have to do the work,” explains Divilly. The results will come from your body so the work has to come from your body too.

5)      A workout isn’t an excuse to pig-out

Just because you’ve now done a really intense workout with your PT, doesn’t mean you can now binge on chips when you get home. As previously mentioned, eating right is a lifestyle change so you need to follow through, even after you’ve worked really hard. It does, however, make sense to reward yourself, so choose something healthy that you really enjoy, like a sweet fruit salad or handful of your favourite nuts.

6)      Don’t take yourself too seriously

Yes, a PT and eating healthy is serious and if you’re serious about getting fitter and healthier, you’ll take the commitment seriously; but don’t hold yourself to too high of a standard. Make allowances for the days where you really just don’t feel like working out, or the days where you’ve had a slightly unhealthier indulgence. By acknowledging that you’re human, you’re more likely to pick yourself up and keep going when you do slip.

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