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"I love the energy I have now"

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Lira needs little introduction – as a coach on The Voice South Africa she’s splashed across TV screens in South Africa almost daily, while her international music career has made us proud. The heavy schedule of the M-Net show and her work on a personal documentary had left Lira with little time to exercise, which is why 20 minutes of EMS training with BODYTEC® slotted into her life so effectively, she says. “BODYTEC® feels like the maximum return for the time spent – that’s my kind of game!”

“I absolutely love BODYTEC® – I think I'm addicted. Nothing prepares you for your first session – the sensation was strange. I've learned that the suit helps a lot [by delivering electro-magnetic currents to your muscles], but committing to a session physically, at your maximum, makes all the difference to a session,” says Lira. “I'm toning up and my core feels stronger. Overall every muscle group that is stimulated is enhanced and I want to continue for as long as I see the need for physical engagement – in my case that is for the rest of my life,” she laughs.

Lira says she hasn’t had much time for any sport recently, but with her newfound fitness and “boundless energy”, she says she is considering taking one up. “I love the energy I have now,” she says. We can’t wait to see what this talented BODYTEC® client tackles next!

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