3 gadgets to up your game

Fitbit Surge

Why you need it:

It’s not just the new shades of blue and tangerine that have got our hearts racing, this is a high tech tool that combines multiple functions in one great looking combo. Think of it as your running wingman that will help you achieve new goals, while making sure you do it safely. The swiping function allows you do easily find what you need without slowing down to punch buttons.

What it does:

The wrist-worn fitness tracker has a built in GPS running function with constant heart rate tracking. It also gives you call alerts and can display text so you can keep track of your work while squeezing in a quick workout. Calorie counting and distance tracking also help you keep track of your progress. Plus you don’t need your phone with you for the GPS tracking to work, which means you get to travel light. If you're looking for other sports to track there's a plentiful selection on tap, from 'hiking', 'weights', 'elliptical', through to 'spinning' and 'yoga'.

Available at www.dionwired.co.za from R2 400


Gammatek Body Glove BSport Plus Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Why you need it:

Simply put – you can have a wire-free workout!

What it does:

This is a tough piece of tech designed to handle all the sweat, dust and impact you send its way. The lock-in design allows you to focus on your workout with no worry of fall-out. The Dual Microphones deliver the crystal clear calls, but of course it delivers five hours of music playback to your ears. It has noise cancellation technology so you can really focus on your workout, and has voice prompt, which keeps your hands free.

Find out more at Gammatek.co.za

Available at www.incredible.co.za, from R449

GoPro Hero4 Session

Why you need it:

Showing your friends and family how you nailed a trail is a lot of fun. But this gadget can also be used for post-ride analysis. Show it to the pros in your riding group and they’ll be able to give you tips on how to better your performance.

What it does:

This model is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than previous HERO4 models and can easily attach to your helmet, bike or body. The case is waterproof and durable. It may be small but it can still record in 1080p HD video at 60fps. Keeping things simple, the HERO4 Session uses just a single button to power the camera on and start recording. The camera powers from an internal battery lasting up to two hours.

From R3895 at www.takealot.com

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