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If you’d asked your dad or granddad if they’d like a voucher for a pedicure or facial 20 years ago they probably would have looked at you if you were starkers! Fortunately, 2017 has seen salon grooming go mainstream. Sorbet has even opened branches of Sorbet Man to help South African men keep everything looking trimmed and smooth – from skin to hair treatments to massages. Don’t know your mani from your pedi? Here are three grooming challenges every guy needs to know (and what to do about them).

#1 Nip Bacne in the Bud

Translation: bacne is acne on your back – something you wish you’d last encountered in high school. Plenty of guys hang around in their sweaty shirt for hours after a workout, and this breeds bacteria and breakouts on their backs. Shower immediately after a workout, use an exfoliating scrub or loofah and keep overactive oil glands under control with a monthly “facial” on your back.

#2 Keep the Grey at Bay

Not ready to look like Clooney. The “grey out” has been designed for guys who want to camouflage those bits of grey that creep in at the temples without doing a rinse on their whole head of hair (because nobody wants that single tone sheen that makes you look like Clark Kent). You don’t get any harsh dye lines and it fades slowly over time. Knocks five years off your age instantly!

#3 Don’t get all nosy

Nose trails, otherwise known as overhanging nose hairs, aren’t sexy however you look at them. Even worse, those sneaky hairs that start to erupt from your ears as you sail towards your 40s and send your eyebrows into some crazy moves. The reason for this, explains the Naked Scientist is that the hair that you have on your body is actually sensitive to androgens (these are testosterone-like chemicals) and, as you go through life, your testosterone exposure of your hair follicles that grow hair increases. In short, you are destined to become hairier as you get older because testosterone encourages those hair follicles to grow more hair.

To help you get started on your grooming journey, check out the GREAT offers from Sorbet Man and BODYTEC®.

Get R100 off at Sorbet Man!

BODYTEC® clients get a once-off R100 discount for them or their partner on any treatment at Sorbet Man stores in November 2017.
Email before 15 November, with “Sorbet discount” in the subject line, and tell us at which BODYTEC® studio you train at and we will make sure you will receive your discount! T&C’s apply.

WIN! A Dermalogica Express Skin Treatment and 30-minute massage from Sorbet Man

To stand the chance to win a Tour De Groom treatment at any of the 13 Sorbet Man stores. Email with your details, contact number and the answer to the following question with “Tour De Groom” in the subject line.
Question: What does the Tour De Groom package include?

PLUS, any Sorbet Man client who books a Tour De Groom treatment in November gets a free BODYTEC® trial (worth R195) and stands the chance to WIN 10 sessions at BODYTEC® worth R4 500.

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