WIN a Faithful To Nature Hamper Worth R805!

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No one can deny the world’s advancement in recent years. In every aspect, including technology, processes, ease of access, food, shopping, and more, the world has gotten faster, more streamlined and easier than ever before. No longer does it take weeks, or even months, to reach a destination or to receive a delivery, nor is it difficult to have access to overseas items. Even shopping no longer requires physical, in-store presence.

Although the world’s advancement has made things easier, and indeed better, for people, it has also in some aspects made it worse, and harder. Food, clothing, even cleaning products, have become laden with chemicals, and the earth and its people are suffering.

Faithful To Nature was born to offer respite from the world that is overwhelmingly “easy.” The business was started 11 years ago and is based on transparency, ethics and passion. Faithful To Nature are committed to stocking products where full product description is enclosed from absolutely honest ingredient lists; to country of origin and the cruelty free status of the item. They have an incredibly strict ingredient policy that they absolutely never compromise on. This way you don’t have to worry – they’ve done the worrying for you and have checked every single product to be sure that it really is as green and as safe as its manufacturers claim it is.

They are also strictly an online retail store. This may seem odd when we’ve just listed why the world has become almost too easy and fast, but by being an online-only store, Faithful To Nature are able to reach the whole country and not just those who would be physically around them. This allows them to offer organic and natural products to everyone.

So how does Faithful To Nature’s online store benefit you?

1)      Every Ingredient, Every Time

Each and every one of the products in their wide product offering have been carefully scrutinised to ensure that they are genuinely as safe and as natural as they claim to be.

2)      Inspiring & Empowering

You can feel genuinely good, knowing that your ethical purchasing choices are contributing to living sustainably and securing the future of our children's children.

3)      Trust, Always

You can trust Faithful To Nature, in every way. From ordering and receiving parcels, to products that will genuinely add value to your life, you can trust that they are providing an online shopping experience that is positive and uplifting.

4)      They Care

Faithful To Nature is run by an efficient team who truly care about you and your experience. They are ready to help with product advice and customer service at every step of the journey.

5)      High Quality and Choice

You don’t have to compromise on the luxury and choice when you start using natural and organic products. Faithful To Nature go out of their way to source the widest range of reasonably priced high quality natural and organic products for you to choose from.

In a world that has become so focussed on doing things faster and better, many processes and products have started impacting our health and that of the earth. Faithful To Nature is an online retail experience that allows you to make ethical and compassionate purchasing choices whilst bettering your health and not compromising on service.

Get R100 off your first online order

BODYTEC® clients receive R100 off their first online order from during the month of January and February. Register your account and simply enter “BODYTEC” during checkout to qualify. 

WIN a Faithful To Nature hamper worth R805 including:

  • 1 x FTN Branded Bamboo Ecoffee Cup
  • 1 x R500 Shopping voucher
  • 1 x Re-Usable Straw
  • 1 x FTN Branded Aluminium Bottle

To stand a chance to win a Faithful to Nature Hamper, simply email with your address, contact number and the answer to the following question with “FTN Hamper” in the subject line. Competition ends 28 February 2018.

Question: What sustainable material is the Ecoffee cup made out of?

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