New BODYTEC studio opens in Hillcrest

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Hillcrest, the wait is over! Your new BODYTEC Studio opens on 1 July.

After moving back to Durban, Tori Celliers was determined to continue training close to home.

As a New Business Manager within the pharmaceutical industry, her job originally led Tori to Gauteng, where she rarely had time to work out. Despite being somewhat sceptical of EMS training initially, she decided to give it a try as it was the only exercise she could find time for in her busy schedule - and soon her training sessions at BODYTEC Centurion became the weekly activity to look forward to, aside from spending quality time with her children of course!

BODYTEC Centurion staff became her family but when she arrived back in Durban, she was disappointed to find the nearest studio was over 45 minutes away. That’s when she enquired about a franchise and within two weeks, the show to own her own studio was on the road.

Tori is a regular Muddy Princess participant and mainly trains for overall health and energy.

BODYTEC Hillcrest opens on 1 July 2019, at Hillcrest Centre, 38 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, Durban.

Join the Hillcrest family and book a trial session now!


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