BODYTEC®: The pioneers of EMS in South Africa

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From introducing South Africa to EMS training with their first studio in 2011 to becoming the premier EMS studio franchise in the country.

Having worked for most of his life in the European soccer industry, Boris Leyck moved from Germany to South Africa in 2007 to work in the lead-up to the Soccer World Cup 2010. Boris first experienced EMS training in Germany in early 2010. He was immediately inspired by the innovative technology of Miha-Bodytec and decided to change his career path. Instead of moving to Brazil to prepare for the next Soccer World Cup, Boris decided to make South Africa his home and launched the first ever EMS studio in the country, in Cape Town City Bowl in March 2011.

The aim was always to franchise the model and after opening a second company-owned studio in December 2011, the franchise concept was launched in 2012 and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

Currently, BODYTEC® has 38 studios across the country. 11 in the Western Cape, 24 in Gauteng, 1 in KwaZulu Natal, 1 in the Free State and 1 in North West province.


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BODYTEC, SA's leading EMS training franchise, has 40 studios. Find one near you.