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BODYTEC Opens in Northcliff!

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Look out, Northcliff! BODYTEC's 20-minute EMS training is coming for you!

If you're searching for a time-efficient, full-body workout, BODYTEC's EMS training is for you! And Anthony Artemides is ready and excited to open up a whole new world to the Northcliff area.


Anthony has been passionate about sports and working out his whole life, graduating with a Bachelor of Sports Science from the University of Pretoria in 2015 and has played sport competitively for as long as he can remember, including soccer and more passionately, golf. Anthony's other hobbies include tennis, running with his dogs, table tennis, hiking, yoga and cooking. "I love the outdoors and tend to have green fingers, with my own bonsai and succulent business on the side." Although he spends most of his golf time at Wanderers Golf Club, he enjoys playing as many courses as possible to challenge his skills and add a bit of variety.

Anthony has credited BODYTEC with helping a host of various injuries from over the years. "BODYTEC's EMS training has helped stabilize my muscular imbalances, strengthen my core, increased my flexibility which has assisted my golf in ways I would never have thought possible," he explains. "I have been working at various BODYTEC studios in the country for the last few years - from learning the ropes at Brooklyn, to Centurion, Montana and more recently the Midrand studio too. I have fallen in love with the concept, and it's time I take what I have learnt and build my own studio in Johannesburg."

The BODYTEC Northcliff studio will be opening in Verdi Shopping Centre, 198 Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff, Johannesburg in February 2019.


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