BODYTEC anti-slip socks now in studios

Brrr, it’s getting chilly. While many BODYTEC® clients enjoy training barefoot, with the temperature taking a dip, we know that the idea of going shoe free can be daunting. We’ve got the solution: BODYTEC® anti-slip socks.

Made from 90% cotton, our anklet training socks are breathable, hygenic and machine washable along with your BODYTEC ® training clothes. The other benefit is that you don’t have to lug your training shoes around in your bag. The BODYTEC® anti-slip socks are suitable for EMS training, as it is a low impact form of training. Your local studio has stock, so ask them how you can get hold of a pair. They are selling for R40 for short socks and R45 for long socks. 

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