Becoming a BODYTEC® EMS fitness franchise partner

The BODYTEC® fitness franchise story?

Within a few years, BODYTEC® has become one of South Africa's fitness franchise success stories - and it all started with the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Having worked for most of his life in the European soccer industry, Boris Leyck came to South Africa in 2007 to work in the lead-up to the Soccer World Cup 2010. Boris experienced EMS training in Germany in early 2010, which inspired him to pursue his passion for health and fitness and change his career path. Instead of moving to Brazil to prepare for the next World Cup, Boris made Cape Town his home and launched the first EMS studio in the country in 2011!

He saw the potential to take BODYTEC® national and started investigating the route of turning BODYTEC® into a fitness franchise.  Many of the franchise partners of BODYTEC® are former clients who were so impressed with the personal results they experienced, that they were inspired to open their own studios. Others have heard of the benefits that EMS can offer potential customers and have partnered with BODYTEC® because it is the leading South African EMS provider accredited by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).


Where does the EMS technology come from?

The EMS devices are fully imported from Germany, where they are manufactured by the innovators and market leaders of EMS technology, Miha-Bodytec. Their holding company has developed and manufactured innovative products for the sports and medical industries for more than 40 years. Miha-Bodytec has been awarded numerous innovation and quality awards.

How will BODYTEC® support me in starting up my franchise?

BODYTEC® has developed systems and works with long-term suppliers that will help you set up your new business quickly and efficiently. These include:

    • Business planning and strategy
      A personalised business plan and financial analysis, with a detailed overview of set-up costs and business registration assistance so you are able to open you doors with easy systems in place.


    • Interior design
      This includes a studio design plan, and a BODYTEC® construction team to fit out your studio to ensure it has the same sophisticated feel and space efficiency of all BODYTEC® studios.


    • Access to the BODYTEC® online shop
      You will be able to order all your studio items at the touch of a button, have ongoing equipment and software support, and have access to our database of qualified and approved service providers and suppliers.


    • Business management and client booking systems
      You will be provided with management, financial and client booking software. These online systems gives you real-time data, which allows you to track business and optimise your costs and performance.


    • Training and human resources support
      The BODYTEC® Academy offers you a 13-day personalised franchise partner training workshop as well as annual refreshment courses. Additional business and sales workshops and ongoing staff training are part of our service. All franchise partners are provided with operations and training manuals, staff planning tools and human resources guidelines and employment contracts. In terms of operations, you will also be provided with membership packages that are CPA compliant.


    • PR and marketing
      As a BODYTEC® franchise partner you will benefit from exposure on the BODYTEC® website and social media platforms and our national marketing and PR strategy which is based on studio statistics. Local marketing ideas and support to help you promote your business in your area is also given. You will also have access to our artwork, press release and image library as well as corporate identity and brand guidelines.


How much will it cost?


Once-off upfront fee R105 000
Working capital   R50 000
Studio set up* R750 000
Total investment** R905 000

*Key-ready solution incl 2 EMS devices
** Dependent on exchange rate and studio size

Monthly franchise fees

Management fee 6,2% on turnover (R3 200 minimum)
Marketing fee 2,5% on turnover (R1 200 minimum)
(all figures exclude VAT)

How do I become a franchise partner?

We make the process as easy and uncomplicated as possible for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out our franchise information form.
  • You will be invited to a Franchise Information session where you will learn more about the brand and how our franchise partner programme will benefit you.
  • A one-on-one meeting will be held with you at our head office in Cape Town, and you will have the opportunity to meet the franchise team.
  • An area will be reserved for you. You will receive a studio specific business plan, three-year financial analysis and the BODYTEC® Disclosure Document.
  • Once suitable premises have been found and approved, studio refurbishment can begin. Our key-ready design makes this fuss-free and minimises costs.
  • Your 13-day personalised BODYTEC® franchise training workshop will take place at our BODYTEC® Academy.

(All processes and timelines are governed by the franchise regulations of the CPA2011)

6 more reasons to open your own BODYTEC® studio

Low start-up costs and fees

Get started with an initial investment of only R860 000.

High potential return on investment

Great potential for recurring monthly revenue.

Join the leaders in EMS training

SA's original and leading EMS franchise with studios nationwide.

Minimal staffing requirements

Run a studio with a small team of personal trainers.

Exclusive franchise area

Know another BODYTEC® studio won't open down the road.

Enjoy lifestyle-based work

Don’t be tied to a desk. Say goodbye to that suit and tie.

Yes, tell me more about franchise partner opportunities with BODYTEC®