Herbs for Winter and Their Benefits

Herbs to enjoy in the cold to fight illness

6 Ways to Eat Healthy in Colder Weather

Enjoy healthier comfort food this winter

The Healthiest Nuts to Snack On

Choose the healthiest nut snack today

Top Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in South Africa

Enjoy a plant-based lifestyle in 2018

5 Smoothie Recipes for Hungry People

Delicious smoothies that will fill you up

3 Easy prepped meals you’ll love

Easy meals on the go

The benefits of eating seasonally

What's in and what's out?

Can you guess which veg helps fight cancer?

Time to power up your plate

3 foods to try that will change the way you eat

Time to turn over a new leaf in your diet?

How to be a healthy vegetarian

Ways you can tidy up your diet now

5 alternative sweeteners you’ve never heard of

It's time to sweeten up your choices

Pasta with mushroom, chorizo, feta and kale

This recipe comes straight out of Sicily!

Mushroom tagliatelle

This is the perfect mid-week pasta

The ultimate chicken salad

A salad for the changing season

Grilled linefish on pea smash with cucumber and fennel salad

Fish and fennel – the ultimate combo

Greek hake with quinoa salad and herbed tzatziki

A quick and delish way to sass up fish

Carrot “falafel” lettuce cups

These crunchy treats are served low-carb style in lettuce cups with sweet caramelised onions and zesty guacamole!

These food labels are fooling you into eating

Don't be seduced by these words!

Sumac spiced cauliflower and pumpkin seed salad

It's a salad without any "boring" in it

Pesto vegetarian pizza

There's a secret ingredient that make it extra juicy

Sliced eland loin on coconut greens

Game meat is low in fat!

Butternut and feta quesadillas

Fry these up for a delish but quick snack

Summer chicken and lentil salad

Asian dressing makes this chicken salad stand out

Eating out: Faber at Avondale

Resident chef Eric Bulpitt dishes up fresh fare to pair with the farm’s organic wine

Vietnamese-style chicken with fried cauliflower rice

Loving this tasty mid-week meal

Spaghetti ai funghi with kale, sage & feta

Classic mushroom pasta with a kick of kale

Noodles in a red thai curry coconut soup

It’s bursting with flavour

Gluten free pizzas with pesto sauce

Deliciousness for two! A 20-minute meal winner

Turmeric spiced chicken

Powered up with spices and greens!

Pork fillet with sweet potato smash & chilli zucchini

We love the bite of chilli

Asian beef noodle bowl with kale and mushroom

Twenty minutes to prep and bursting with flavour

Coconut, ginger and poached chicken salad

Our new favourite chicken recipe!

Use your FNB eBucks to pay for BODYTEC sessions and get up to 65% off!

Get fit in no time with FNB eBucks and BODYTEC.

Why strength training is so important for women

Time to make these moves gals!

Mexican quinoa bowl with corn, jalapeno and lime

A quick warm salad with a bite

BODYTEC opens in Bedfordview

Bedfordview, get ready for your EMS training!

How to make your fresh veggies last longer

Beat the heat and gives your greens a fresh start

WIN a Lipault travel set worth R9000

Travel in style when you work out with BODYTEC

Sicilian rigatoni arrabiata with tomato, baby spinach and feta

Simple, rustic, but ravishing!

Re-ignite your fitness with Bodytec and Women's and Men’s Health

Get your fitness started again this winter!

How EMS Training Benefits Functional Fitness

The best ways EMS training helps function fitness

Spaghetti and meatballs

Whip up this 20-minute dish when a friend drops by

BODYTEC Opens in Midrand

BODYTEC hits Midrand

Essential Oils for Athletes

Mother Nature's fitness boosters

5 best gluten-free desserts for summer

There's a lot to nom nom about!

WIN with BODYTEC's 7th Birthday Bash

We're turning 7 and celebrating with 7 days of giveaways

The Best Way to Dress for Exercise during Colder Weather

Get your workout in even during winter

Sticky Asian chicken with crunchy cashew nut slaw

Chicken for the licking! Only 20 minutes to cook

BODYTEC Opens in George!

The Garden Route discovers EMS training

5 Things You Should Be Listening to While Exercising

When multitasking and motivation meet

Vietnamese pork larb with dipping sauce and greens

Bursting with flavour and only a 20-minute prep!

WIN An Exciting New Philips Airfryer TurboStar worth R2 999!

Create healthy food is no time at all!

How Cross Training and EMS Training Can Help You Run Better

Up your running game with EMS and cross training

Grilled cheese and mushroom open sandwich

We call this the “live a little” sarmie

BODYTEC Opens in Bloemfontein!

Free State, are you ready?

The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Get your zen on for better health

Peanut chicken stir fry

If you’re a lover of peanut butter and coconut, then this 20-minute meal is for you!

WIN a Faithful To Nature Hamper Worth R805!

WIN with Faithful to Nature!

Creative Gym Hacks You Need To Know

Make working out easier!

Balsamic glazed chicken

"Turnip" your taste buds with this 20-minute dish

Win a NOMU Antioxidant Hamper Worth R300!

Discover the power of antioxidants

Should You Be Wearing Different Shoes For Different Workouts?

Protect your feet with the correct shoes

No-carb halloumi wraps

These butter lettuce cups loaded up with roasted veggies, grilled halloumi and sesame and hoisin slaw.

Win a luxe treatment at Sorbet Man worth R520!

Reach those grooming goals...

What Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Knew

Get to know the real personal trainer...

Oven-to-table sliced chicken on coconut cauliflower

Fresh, light and easy in 20 minutes. What a winner!

BODYTEC studio opens in Rustenburg!

Hello North West!

How to maintain muscle strength as you age

Power your way through life

20-minute meal: beetroot and haloumi cheese fritters

Super yummy with this aubergine and rocket salad

How to become a runner when you hate running

You can learn to love it

Win holiday vouchers worth R10 000 for you to spend at booking.com

Out annual #areyoutoughenough challenge is back!

Healthy treats if you have a sweet tooth

Whether it's cheat day or treat day, these come with a smaller dose of guilt

BODYTEC Montana opening soon

Does more sweat mean a better workout?

Wetter isn't necessarily better

20-minute meal: Deconstructed beef moussaka

The aubergine, red pepper and yoghurt dressing makes it winner!

"BODYTEC got me running again"

BODYTEC towels available now!

No sweat! Get sorted...

How to Get Your Child Interested In Exercise

Getting your little ones active

20-minute meal: Crispy chicken with glazed butternut and sesame greens

This low carb dish is subtle in flavour, yet extremely tasty

"I'm stronger after 8 sessions!"

Whey Leandie Du Randt is raving about BODYTEC

WIN A Sunstar GUM hamper worth R539!

Put a healthy smile on your dial

8 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat After 8pm

Healthy snacks for late night cravings

20-minute meal: Baked chickpea and bean burrito

Learn how to make a classic vegetarian burrito!

The secrets behind a firm butt

Surprising things to consider to perk up

Win a NutriBullet worth R2,999!

What a win!

7 Ways Your Physical Health is Connected to Your Mental Health

How your body and mind connect

20-minute meal: sliced eland loin on coconut greens

Game is a healthy option because it's so low in fat

How music can boost your workout

You could tune into a new level of fitness

Staying Healthy at the Office

Be your best version at work

20-minute meal: chorizo meatballs with charred greens

The perfect meat and veg quickie combo

"I love the energy I have now"

EMS training is the secrets to Lira's new bounce in her step

Teaming up with our studio owners

Feedback from our annual franchise meeting

Weird and Scary Side Effects of Healthy Habits

The weird things healthy habits cause

How BODYTEC can Help Relieve Back Pain

Alleviate back pain with BODYTEC's EMS training

20-minute meal: Sticky soy chicken with vermicelli noodles & oriental veg

Try this instead of Chinese takeaway. It's just as quick!

Is running a marathon in your genes?

How science can predict your chances of being a champ

The Dry January Challenge

Give up alcohol for a month and donate to a worthy cause

Nine Superfoods You Need In Your Diet Now (and how to enjoy them)

Power up with superfoods

Try these BODYTEC personal trainer-approved snacks

We got them to share the foods that fire up their energy

BODYTEC® celebrates its 30th studio

Our first studio in JHB South set to open in Bassonia

“BODYTEC has helped me pick up muscle mass”

These inspiring clients share how training gives them the edge

5 Easy Last Minute Gifts People Will Love

Give the best last minute gifts this year

The Health Checks Everyone Should Be Getting

Preventative care over reactive care

20-minute meal: chorizo and butternut harvest spread

The ultimate snacky supper!

BODYTEC anti-slip socks now in studios

Get yours at your nearest studio

5 fitness trends making waves in 2017

EMS training is up there!

Setting and Sticking to Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Start your new year on the right foot

9 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Eat these foods to better your zzz's

20-minute meal: Grilled chicken with cauli and leek mash and crispy kale

Boost your iron intake with the delish kale side dish

BODYTEC® launches in Eldoraigne, Pretoria!

Our new studio owner Hilde is also a physio!

The 3 best and worst exercises for sore knees

It's time to switch to moves that won't do damage

The Link Between Depression and Weight Gain

Bettering your physical and mental health

7 Foods to Add to Your Water

Freshen up your water intake

20-minute meal: Classic steak with butternut and cauliflower bake

The perfect combo of meat and veg!

5 yoga poses to kick start your day

One of them you can even do in bed!

Should you be wearing sun protection gear when you run?

Protecting your skin on the road

Staying Healthy During the Festive Season

Enjoy the festive season without overindulging

20-minute meal: Coconut chicken noodle soup

A brilliant way to beat the chill!

Why long distance runners need strength training

Research shows 20 minutes a week of Electro Muscle Stimulation training is beneficial for long distance runners

5 Healthy Cocktails for Summer

Summer cocktails without the guilt

Billy the Bee Acupressure Mat - the gadget you need now

The answer to bad circulation

20-minute meal: Dry spiced sirloin with veg and mustard mayo

Spice up your mid-week quickie meal!

BODYTEC® brings you BODYPULSE Brazil!

BODYTEC® expands to Brazil with BODYPULSE partners Fernando Oliviera and Leonardo de Souza

Can your diet make you fitter?

New research says that the food you consume really can give you the edge

3 of the most unique water filters

The smart way to sip

20-minute meal: Chicken ramen

Hearty, healthy and easy to prep

What are the benefits of training as a couple?

Meet the inspiring couple that have transformed together

Signs you need to replace your running shoes

Time to hit the shops?

Can you strength train your eyes?

It could help save them from screen strain

5 unusual winter smoothies

How to make the most of winter's fruit and veg selection

Roadies vs Singletrackers: how your exercise requirements differ

Time to change things up?

3 fab sporting events for charity

Your challenge could change someone's life

Why having a dog is good for your health

Time to have a "Rex" in your life?

20-minute meal: Beetroot, lime and quinoa salad

A veggie dish to put a smile on your face.

Meet the BODYTEC cover star!

We are super proud of Tanya. Read about how BODYTEC helped her achieve her running goals

Can you heal your metabolism?

What to do if your system is on a go-slow mission

The hot list: fitness gear we love

5 amazing workout pieces that have amazed us

5 restaurants that make date night more fun

Delicious food and no more awkward silences

20-minute meal: Roast pork and winter slaw

Time for some comfort food people!

BODYTEC goes out firing at the Gun Run

Clients, trainers and studio owners hit the road for fun!

How to do the perfect lunge (plus mistakes you're probably making)

Put your best foot (and leg) forward...

Is organic wine better for you?

It's what's missing from it that makes the difference

20-minute meal: Thai chicken pitas

Healthier and tastier than weekend takeaways...

25% off BODYTEC PowerBank

Don't get short with a low battery ever again

5 last-minute festive gifts you'll love

Oops! Leave your shopping too late? We've rounded up the gadgets and gear that'll hit the spot

4 things you didn’t know you needed in your first aid kit

If you're into sports read this now!

How much protein do we really need?

Discover the perfect amount your body needs

20-minute meal: Zucchini, cauli risotto with Parmesan and orange zest

A great and tasty veg option

10% discount off UCook healthy meal deliveries + WIN a Microplane Long zester worth R429

Supercharge your BODYTEC workouts with this easy and healthy eating option

How BODYTEC® helped this trail runner newbie nail a race

He’d never run more than 25 kilometres in his life, but we dared him to do the Three Peaks Challenge…

How hygienic is your gym bag?

Why you need to keep it clean and how to get it right

How to avoid getting flu this winter

Don't let the bug get in the way of your workouts

Why foam rollers are more than just a fad

PLUS Win a BLACKROLL® hamper worth R2,000!

Are coconut products really healthy for you?

Why is everyone going nuts over coconuts? BODYTEC’S PlanB investigates

Only eat fruit on its own!

And other good eating habits for a healthy gut

3 books about sport and life all athletes must read

Finding balance, upping your game... it's all in here.

20-minute meal: Salmon spaghetti, with green beans and tomato

Healthy salmon gets a zesty upgrade

What you need to know before you buy trail running shoes

Ryan Sandes, Professional Ultra-Distance trail runner, shares his shoe shopping tips

Our favourite fitness stories of the year

The double-amputee yoga instructor, the Fitbit pregnancy and more…

Show your heart some love this Valentine's Day

Why your love muscle is truly remarkable

Read this if you're craving Asian food

A BODYTEC® “rookie” reports back

Stania Davies, 45, was the winner of one month’s free training at our Umhlanga Ridge studio in our Well I Am Challenge

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

What science say about getting it all in the morning

4 best trail runs in 2017 to start training for now

Fire up your engines...

20-minute meal: Classic steak fajitas with red pepper and coriander

A fresh and fun way to enjoy steak

Meet our BODYTEC® family

Did you know that most BODYTEC® franchisees are former clients?

What's the best time of day to work out?

Your sleeping, eating and exercising habits have all the clues...

What your body loves about vegetariansim

This is what your system wishes it could tell you about the green stuff you hate

How to take better snaps with your phone

Make those holiday memories truly memorable!

3 veggie noodles you have to try

Move over pasta, these healthier options are super nutritious!

How to tell if you've had a good workout

Your body will tell you these things...

7 of SA's quirkiest hotels

Adding a fun twist to your getaway!

Do passive cardio in the office and live longer

Get healthier just sitting at your desk + WIN a SOHO backrest valued at R989 with ErgonomicsDirect!

20-minute meal: Beef kofta curry

Curry in a hurry? We love this tasty dish

The BODTYEC® studio owner sailing to new heights

Andrew Collins and his crew are champs of the ocean

How to train like a super athlete

Dominique Mann, SA’s Top female Aerobic Gymnast, on what it takes to excel

The best city walking tours in South Africa

See your 'hood from a new perspective and work in some exercise at the same time!

How alcohol affects your workout

It gives you more than a hangover!

Is juicing really good for you?

Could a juice a day really keep the doctor away? BODYTEC® looks at the pros of veggie and fruit juices, and what to look out for to ensure you reap the benefits they offer

BODYTEC® celebrates marketing success!

20-minute meal: Saltimbocca with a twist

Chicken is SO not boring done this way! And it's so quick to prep

6 things holding back your fitness progress

Simple strategies to help you reach your goals

Where to have cupping done in South Africa

The alternative treatment that gave Rio athletes Olympic powers

5 facts about rooibos we love

Anyone for tea? Drink up, it's great for you...

BODYTEC Ruimsig now open!

Visit the Cradlestone Mall for a trial.

How changing your posture can change your life

The straight up answers to your back health

4 Waterproof gadgets & gear you need

Don't let a bit of drizzle put a dampener on your run (or swim). These smart items will keep you high and dry so you can focus on... sweating!

20-minute meal: Grilled lamb chops with pea, broccoli, chickpea & feta salad

The side dish takes these chops to new heights!

A mad, muddy day of fun with your mates

Check out the new 5km obstacle course for women, sponsored by BODYTEC

The best SA activewear brands right now

The lekkerest of local activewear

3 new BODYTEC® studios opening!

Pretoria, Paarl and Waterfall will be bringing BODYTEC® EMS closer to you in 2016

Are you drinking enough water?

Discover how much H2O you need before, during and after a workout

What's It's like to own a BODYTEC® franchise?

With 26 studios, BODYTEC® is growing fast! We caught up with some of our franchise partners about their experience

20-minute meal: Meatballs with cous cous

We serve up Ucook's weekly quickie meal. You'll love this hearty meatball dish

Can you train with your make-up on?

The unexpected things causing your allergies

GQ talks food with BODYTEC®

GQ spoke to sports scientist Gerry Gerhardt on how get the most out of your BODYTEC® experience.

Are you tough enough for these races?

Dig a challenge? Presenting, the meanest mountain bike races to start training for now

BODYTEC Waterfall opens in May!

We caught up with studio owner May Ebrahmin about our brand's new fitness hotspot

20-minute meal: Pesto pasta

We serve up Ucook's weekly quickie meal. This time, a classic pasta dish that's bursting with flavour

Debate: Is it healthier to leave your bed unmade?

If you think a messy bed is a useful timesaver, science could agree with you

5 Exercises you can do in your hotel room

You've got all the props you need right there!

The importance of stretching

Think you’re saving time by skipping this step in your training routine? Think again...

20-minute meal: Quinoa chicken curry

Healthy, light and quick to prep, this spicy chicken dish presented by Ucook, is a winner

The Most Common Issues Dieticians Deal With

Chances are a visit to the dietician will turn up one of these problems. Here are some simple diet hacks to save you the trip

Natural cold and flu remedies and why they work

Try these flu busters to get yourself on your feet again

4 surprising ways to get fitter

It’s a no brainer – putting in the hours of physical work is what’s need to get you in Usain Bolt condition. But, there are other things you can put in place that will up your potential for success.

How the BODYTEC® brand was born

With 23 studios around South Africa, it all started with the Soccer World Cup in 2010

20-minute meal: Tasty grilled steak

Pumped with protein, this quick dish presented by Ucook, is a tasty way to keep your healthy eating on track

4 Best Yoga Retreats in SA

We've discovered the most inspiring, and innovative, places to get your ohm on... and a special stay for Mother's Day

What makes a good sports massage?

Are you being rubbed up the right way?

What exercise can I do after birth?

Just had a baby - but not ready for your personal trainer yet? Try these at-home exercises to start getting you back into shape

Cut out processed foods in 7 steps

Cutting out those chemical-laced foods can be tough. Here's how to pace yourself

Could the amount you sleep be making you fat?

Insomnia can derail your life! But so can too much sleep. We asked Wellness Expert Lisa Raleigh about how you can snooze for good health

Why women need to eat differently to men

We asked nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed on how you should be adapting your diet

3 gadgets to up your game

Want to push your limits and have fun while you do it? Try these high-tech fitness tools and gear to help you get there

The best places in SA to eat green

Ditching meat from your diet, or at least cutting down, has huge health benefits. BODYTEC® discovered the best places to eat out when you're eating green

The bed that helps you sleep better...

The future is here! These tech-savvy tools and gadgets can help make your home a healthier place to live

Are you training correctly for your sport?

Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Tuks Blue Bulls Rugby Academy, Rob Joynson shares his tips

The best exercises to treat back pain

It's all about your core, not your back, says Head of BODYTEC® Training Academy Gerry Gerhardt. Try these moves to solve the problem from within

Getaways for adrenaline junkies

With a truckload of public holidays coming up, why not push yourself to new limits with these exhilarating getaways?